Victoria Fringe Festival 2016 Preview – True Story! An Improv Show

True Story! An Improv Show - as seen on

True Story! An Improv Show

August 22, 2016

Self-proclaimed party stars, Vikes Improv is a comedy performance collective based out of the University of Victoria. Having made the rounds of tournaments and festivals throughout Canada and the United States, the mad dogs minds of Ryan Steele, Alexandra Foreman, and Duncan Lowrie are ready to bring the party to this year’s fringe. Up and coming member, Daniel Belkin, lays down the law about the upcoming festivities to’s Matt McLaren.

MM: What’s the plan man? You’re dealing with a lot of heavy hitters when it comes to presenting an improv show at the fringe?

Daniel Belkin: We have a lot of heavy hitters on our show! We have several guest fringe favorite coming in as guest monologists including Jon Bennet, Morgan Cranny, and Andrew Bailey. We also have amazing guest improvisers jumping on board with Dave Morris and Missie Peter coming in on separate nights to guest star.

MM: The only way to press forward is to know more about who’s involved. Who’s on your team and what do they bring to it?

DB: Our team is also made of some really talented people. Ryan Steele, Alexandra Foreman, and Duncan Lowrie are three of the funniest improvisers in Victoria and they’re at every show! We also got some great up an comers from uvic in Dylan Clarke, Robbie Grenados, Sophie Crocker, Brett Hurely, and Daniel Belkin.

MM: So what’s the aim of your organization, both in the long and short term? You’ve built up a healthy following inside of UVic – but what are your plans for expansion?

DB: We’re bringing a show downtown. We’ve already done a four show run this summer of this format at Paparazzi and we’ve had standing room only. We’re planning on growing that show and eventually turning it into a weekly hour-long comedy show downtown. We also want to do more fringe show, more collaborations, and more touring.

MM: Explain to me how your process of approaching improv differs from everyone else on the scene?

DB: Our improv is premise based. We try and find a single strange idea and follow the logic of that idea to absurd places. It plays out like sketch comedy, but we’re making it up all on the spot.

MM: What are you still working on with less than a week to go?

DB: With less than a week to go we’re working on going longer on a single tangent. Our show has a guest monologist tell a true life story , and we take different ideas from their story and explore them through improv. We’re focusing on getting more out of one single absurd idea, deepening how far you can take a single premise.

MM: If you could achieve one thing with this show this fringe, what would it be?

DB: We want to bring together theater monologue and absurd sketch comedy in a simple way. We have two different art forms, and if we’re successful we’d be able to blend them seamlessly.

MM: Why should people come and see your work?

If you like comedy and you like collaboration between different forms this show is for you.

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