Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 – Daddy Issues

Review by Niko Mumford – Staff Writer

August 28, 2017

Daddy Issues, brought to the Fringe stage by creator Colette Habel and Victoria’s Human Voltage Theatre Project is a believably raw exploration of the relationships between daughters and their fathers. Through storytelling, song, and spoken word, the show’s four actors recount multiple stories from real women about their fathers, exploring themes of abuse, toxic masculinity, queerness, and childhood lessons. The show deeply analyzes the influence fathers have on their daughters as children, and the lasting effects these relationships have in adulthood.

The stage is set with a jumble of objects such as mirrors, boxes, musical instruments, and chairs, and is illuminated with lighting that casts the stage with the slightest sepia, together producing a tone evocative of old photographs and crowded attics. Each of the four performers bring a unique and powerful voice to the piece, but also meld exquisitely in group spoken word pieces peppered throughout the show. Daddy Issues strikes a fantastic balance between easy, conversational moments, and polished artistic ones. The music lends brilliantly to the slightly vintage tone with classic rock, and haunting covers by the cast.

Daddy Issues offers refreshingly unpredictable queer representation, with complex commentary on sexuality, femininity, and presentation. Conversations on embracing identity, and refuting sexism as millennial women extend the feminist brilliance of the piece. The individual stories creating the content of the show lend beautifully to creating a piece that represents to the agency of daughters faced with unsupportive, absent, or misogynistic fathers. The effortlessly feminist and unapologetic tone of the piece speaks to the power and promise of young creators within the Victoria theatre community.

Bottom Line

Through the artistic re-imagining of lived experiences, Daddy Issues proves to be an extremely polished and thought provoking testament to the individuality of women developed despite, and occasionally in spite of, the influence of their fathers.


Daddy Issues

A Co-Production Between Colette Habel’s Human Voltage Theatre Project & Vino Buono

Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 3 (Metro Studio Theatre)

  • Aug 31 @ 7:45pm
  • Sept 1 @ 4:45pm
  • Sept 2 @ 11:00pm

 Tickets: All Seats $9

A testament to the individuality of women
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