Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 – Interstellar Elder

Review by Kelly J Clark – Managing Editor

September 1, 2017

Kitt (Ingrid Hansen) is the only human awake on humanity’s last hope: a spaceship full of the last remaining humans in the galaxy. As the world below heals from Prime Minister Beiber’s best intentions for healthy diets, Kitt is chosen by the ship’s computer to be the sole awakened custodian of her cryogenically frozen species. Before our eyes we see Kitt toil, struggle, and age, until she’s gone from an interstellar young adult to an interstellar elder. At times, this transformation is both sad and funny, unsettling and adorable, and hopeful and lonely throughout.

Interstellar Elder could be a lot of things, but its careful craftsmanship makes it an unmitigated success. Aggressive pantomime (well, besides grunting and a single reactionary bleat) combined with clever set design, impressive lighting, and an infectious soundtrack of equally perfect composition to that found in either volume of Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is a show that deserves to be sold out. Laughter is contagious in such a large group and Interstellar Elder’s moments of slow, dreamy humor often lead to waves of chuckles that build and crescendo into gales of laughter from every single seat. More than that, the packed aisles serve as part of the set itself, but saying anything more than that would give too much away of a phenomenal twist that shows that Ingrid Hansen has control over her entire set–both on a fictive and meta level. This level of control is more than proof of her talent: it’s jaw dropping.

Bottom Line

Wacky, wild, and blessed with Hansen’s bottomless well of energy, Interstellar Elder is a serious contender for Pick of the Fringe. This is definitely one show you need to see–if you can manage to find tickets.

Interstellar Elder


Created by Kathleen Greenfield, Ingrid Hansen, Britt Small, & Emma Zabloski

Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 3 (Metro Studio Theatre)

  • Sept 1 @ 11:00pm
  • Sept 2 @ 8:45pm
  • Sept 3 @ 6:00pm

Tickets: All seats $11

Out of this world performance
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