Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 – Stories About Love, Death, & a Rabbit

Review by Niko Mumford – Staff Writer

August 29, 2017

Coming to the Victoria Fringe from London, England, Charles Adrian brings us the endearing and quietly profound story of Ms. Samantha Mann in Stories About Love, Death, and a Rabbit.  The modest Samantha is a librarian testing out her capabilities as a performer and enchants her audience with her timid voice, unassuming humour, and stories of loss and loneliness. Samantha’s connection with her audience is profound and she creates a conversational tone throughout that demolishes the fourth wall entirely. The result is an excitingly rocky variety show by a show woman who is trying her absolute best.

Seemingly overwhelmed by a sold out show, Samantha rambles delightfully, sharing stories as though she were telling them over a cup of tea. Staged simplistically with a bundle of balloons, a boom box, and a microphone, Samantha slowly begins to treat the audience as a group of old friends. Lamenting missed opportunities for romance, the troublesome rabbit entrusted to her while her dear friend explores the world, and the oppressive fear of aging without creating a legacy, Samantha’s humanity is apparent throughout. Her experiments with monologue, poetry, and tap dancing, as she attempts to find her voice as a performer produces the illusion of a work in progress, but is so intentional in her delivery that the show feels unquestionably complete. 

Bottom Line

Balancing nervous joke-telling, hesitant vulnerability, and heart wrenching poetry that may move you to tears, Stories About Love, Death, and a Rabbit is not to be missed. Charles Adrian has mastered the character of Samantha Mann so entirely that at the show’s conclusion, you feel as though you have just had a very close visit with a new friend. Delicately witty, and unapologetically raw, Stories About Love, Death and A Rabbit will leave you sad that it is over, but so very pleased that you made the trip.


Stories About Love, Death, & a Rabbit

Charles Adrian as Ms Samantha Mann

Created by Charles Adrian

Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 8 (St. Andrew’s Kirk Hall)

  • Aug 29 @ 7:30pm
  • Sept 2 @ 10:45pm
  • Sept 3 @ 4:00pm

 Tickets: Regular $11 / Students and Seniors $9

Love, Death, and a Rabbit
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