Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 – The Moaning Yoni

Review by Niko Mumford – Staff Writer

August 29, 2017

The Moaning Yoni is a classically fringe offering from Vancouver’s Joylyn Secunda, exploring sexuality, modern dating, and obnoxious new age tantra through bold and often absurd physical theatre and comedy. The piece follows the relationship between a young woman named Zoe and her loud mouthed, anthropomorphic vagina, or yoni, and documents her struggle to connect to her sexuality. Transitioning frequently from character to character, Secunda takes the audience on a psychedelic journey of sexual awakening, with moments that range from profound to slightly awkward. Through music, monologue, and physical theatre that borders on performance art, The Moaning Yoni provides a hilarious, though occasionally choppy performance that will be difficult to forget.

It is clear throughout the show that Secunda’s skills lie heavily in creating distinct characters and she fluidly transitions between them with little confusion. Relying heavily upon sound cues, some mistakes unfortunately resulted in interruptions in the flow of the piece and unfortunate breaks in character. The inclusion of audience participation at times lends fantastically to the humorous and unpredictable mood of the piece, but in other instances feels rushed and unnecessary. The production is sandwiched between two identical and extremely drawn out songs, which begin as a beautiful easing into the subject matter, but after the fifth minute of repetitive chanting, becomes awkward. Secunda’s commentary on gender and sexuality is accessible, and superbly comments on the restrictions of the gender binary and sexual attraction. The show’s non-stop physicality and shifts in mood lend expertly to creating a show that shocks and discomforts its audience and pushes the edges of reality.

Bottom Line

The Moaning Yoni provides an extremely unique theatrical experience and delivers thought-provoking content through mind-bending absurdity. Despite some points that require some polish, this sexual acid trip is well worth a shot for those seeking a distinctly fringe experience. A raw and painfully funny exploration of sexuality, modern dating, and self discovery, the Moaning Yoni keeps its audience guessing, and thinking long after its dramatic conclusion.


The Moaning Yoni

Created by Joylyn Secunda

Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 4 (VCM Wood Hall)

  • Aug 29 @ 8:00pm
  • Sept 2 @ 2:45pm
  • Sept 3 @ 12:45pm

 Tickets: Regular $11 / Students and Seniors $9

Keeps you guessing long after it’s done
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