Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 –  Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit

Review by Chad Jarvie-Laidlaw – Editorial Director

September 1, 2017

Adam Schwartz has Asperger syndrome, and he comes to term with it through comedy, and Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit gives some insight into how this shapes all aspects of his world.

Through his delightfully awkward cadence, Schwartz’s stand-up routine tells jokes centred around how this disorder impacts every element of his life. There are illuminating glimpses into some of his mental processes, giving a face and a voice to a “mental disability without any cool celebrities,” as he puts it. Without spoiling the jokes, rules are very important to people with Asperger’s and these governing rules are what make life so difficult–particularly interacting with ladies.

Chronicling the difficulties in attracting women, amplified by Asperger’s, makes up the bulk of Shwartz’s material, and it does get a little tiring after a while. While difficult to put a finger on, they may make you uncomfortable as they can seem almost monomaniacal at times. This could be in part due to the relatively sedate crowd, as the material might really bounce with a more lively audience audience eating it up.

Bottom Line

Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit is a really interesting premise, and it is encouraging to see a performer with a disability given the stage and chance to shine. The show doesn’t hit every ball thrown its way, but it’s got plenty of chuckles and more than enough squirmy groans for an audience that’s ready to laugh.


Aspergers: A Tale of a Social Misfit

Autistic Productions

Created by Adam Schwartz

Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 7 (The Roxy Theatre)

  • Sept 1 @ 7:45pm
  • Sept 3 @ 7:00pm

Tickets: All seats $11

Jokes and groans for an audience looking to laugh
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