Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 – LEER

Review by Kelly J Clark – Managing Editor

August 27, 2017

Unholy Hell, this is a good time. Who would have thought that the bard and heavy metal would be such a fitting pair?

The impossible mashup of an all-female, satanic reimagining of Shakespeare’s King Lear sounds like the stuff of fringe nightmares, but somehow every element comes together in infernal majesty. With local gem Wendy Magahay on the throne as Satan herself, the cast of Leer is devilish, spooky, and seductive, while the set and costumes are divine. There isn’t anything that fails to impress, impose, or implore the senses and souls of the audience.

The script was adapted by David Elendune, a local award winning playwright known for Casino Royale and Winnie the Pooh, though he may have a bit of trouble getting back into children’s theatre after this one. All the better, for Elendune does wicked all too well.

There’s a lot going on in this production that’s weird, wild, and over the top, but everything is presented with such passion and rage that it somehow, miraculously works. You’ve never seen a show like Leer. If that doesn’t convince you to go see it, no amount of telling you to go to Hell will.

Bottom Line

Leer is, without a doubt, the most kick-ass show of this year’s Fringe. When you mix Shakespeare with heavy metal and Satan, how can you lose?



Outpost 31

Created by David Elendune

Victoria Fringe Festival

Venue 3 (Metro Studio Theatre)

  • Aug 28 @ 8:45pm
  • Sept 2 @ 3:45pm
  • Sept 3 @ 1:00pm

 Tickets: Regular $11

A Hell of a good time
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