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In the final days of the 2016 Victoria Fringe Festival we pick the shows we believe deserve a special mention in a year of a number of fine productions.

We don’t like the idea of applying the “Best” title to any art, so we’re simply calling the following list SHOWBILL.CA’s FRINGE PICKS.

You might you agree, or maybe you won’t, but get in on the action.  Leave a comment and tell us what you liked.

So, here we go. In no particular order, here are our 2016 FRINGE PICKS:

Space Hippo - as seen on

Space Hippo

An imaginative high concept sci-fi story with it’s heart in the right place.

Read our review of the The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company production

The Roxy Theatre

Field Zoology 101 - as seen on

Field Zoology

Shawn O’Hara’s comedy is pure gold throughout this absurd lecture on mundane beasts and how to embarrass them.

Read our review of the Animalia Productions show

Downtown Activity Centre

nerdfucker - as seen on


Dramas often struggle at fringe, but Cameryn Moore delivers something so viscerally human and darkly humorous in this can’t miss production

Read our review of the Little Black Book Productions show

Downtown Activity Centre

A Tension to Detail - as seen on

A Tension to Detail

A natural born storyteller just telling his story

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VCM Wood Hall


Charlatan!n- as seen on


The audience cannot help but be swept along by Travis Bernhardt’s mesmerizing skills in his new mentalism routine

Read our Review of Travis’ production

Downtown Activity Centre

Adam Bailey is on Fire - as seen on

Adam Bailey is on Fire

The name says it all in this sizzling look in the life of minister’s gay son.

Read our review of Still Your Friend Productions’ show

Fairfield Hall

Half the Battle - as seen on

Half the Battle

Innovative physicality mixed with a lovely bit of Canadiana.

Read our review of VBH Theatre’s production

Victoria Event Centre


50 Fun Things - as seen on

50 Fun Things

A tale of love, loss and the power of fun which will make you fall in love with Fringe again.

Read our Review of Maniac Productions’ show

Victoria Event Centre


EVERLAST - as seen on


Kevin K. is a raging bull of an entertainer that hurls himself into the role.

Read our review of this Kevin K. production

VCM Wood Hall


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